The Divine Comedy

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Dantes Hell

My restaurant is closed, due to the power of main media and politics… who believe people can vote for them to represent them… but that the same people are not capable to make up their own mind about how to act.


As so many things… there comes a moment that is called the ‘clutter effect’… nobody knows who is saying what and why anymore. The Corona hysteria… used to be in the lime lights… does not sell any more. People switch off and are looking for other things…


So we shut off from what is broadcasted.

Off cause the media and politicians notice that.


Quite obviously we see a different approach… ‘changes will come’… and in the background they keep on perfecting their stupidity… so it is very well possible that we get a ‘covid-passport ‘ and will be confronted will a lot of other ‘watch dog’ kind of things.


After being fed with non-statistical information for months… the majority of people create the illusion that 90 % of what has been stated… must be true… they life from that point forward.


For say 2500 years many methods have tried to gain control over humans and their behaviour.


Political systems, religious systems, economical systems… now we have the Artificial intelligence… the Internet of things…..


Interestingly enough we seem to have abandoned all human aspects of live. 2020 was a year where only a small number of people raised their voice (tried to something) about the 10.000 children that die of hunger every day.

Very few are amazed that there were almost no cases of flew… as cause of death..


The gossip Queen Oprah Winfrey with Harry and Meghan … that is the most shocking news on the 8th of march. 


I really do not care so much about ‘watch dogs ‘ and such…. But the idea that a politician… in a brain-fart beliefs he is Napoleon or Idi Amin… is ridicules.


Let us agree, like Dante did on Priests and politicians. That we do not take any politician serious. You must be completely out of your mind when you believe you can or should rule about others…


Just a thought.


I am reading Dante…. The Divine Comedy written in 1315 or so….. 


just for info Dantes sins

  • First Circle: Limbo. …
  • Second Circle: Lust. …
  • Third Circle: Gluttony. …
  • Fourth Circle: Greed. …
  • Fifth Circle: Anger. …
  • Sixth Circle: Heresy. …
  • Seventh Circle: Violence. …
  • Eighth Circle: Fraud.


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