WohlverhaltenspflichtIs such a lovely word in GermanIt is a sort of code of conduct mandatory. A silly reflection of abstract values. Hilarious in every expect is the human being that takes himself serious and tries to turn a thought into a system by which others should live and obey.This wohlverhalten-thing is mostly and specially focused on families and children (whom are the outcome of an affair or love relationship).It is such a contemporary nonsense word. Every now and then I go to a courtroom just to look at how ‘behavior, law and reality’ dance.It is human stupidity in full life theater. Take your school class there and they will learn a lot. Ask if you can tape and analyse it.This time […]

Tim Minchen: A human being with passion and no long term goal

Shares beauty


I associate like mad. A lot of things I hear and see make other things I heard, have seen and experienced pop up.

Not very decent to start with an other video when you want to show appreciation to a person and his work.

So I … I did. Just for the setting.

Take time and listen, look, read, think… 

But do ask you to take 25 minutes, perhaps more of your life to be inspired by Tim Minchen*.


It is always worthwhile to meet great new people. Most often they them selves and many others know that they are there already for a longer time… A little journey on the web brought me him.

I have given a lot of speeches myself and respect any other that take time to share. I might not like all of his opinions and approaches, but who cares.. I value this man a lot..


A lovely doctorate speech made me curious and I started searching for more about this man from (for me) down-under Australia.

The first video is a bit long. But still look at it and listen.

To support you. A brief outline of his 9 lessons in life.

  1. You do not need to have a dream
    1. Short term goals
    2. Be aware
    3. No long term dream
  2. Do not seek happiness
    1. Is like organism (where is the blood)
    2. Make others happy
  1. It is all luck
    1. To be here
    2. Lucky that
    3. Work hard, you did not made your power source
    4. Empathy is intuitive but something you can work up on
  2. Exercise
    1. Sport, yoga
    2. Take care of your body
    3. Depression defeated by exercise
  1. Be hard on your opinions (are like assholes.. everybody has one)
    1. Constantly examined
    2. Art can be connected to science
    3. Science is a term
  2. Be a teacher
    1. Amazing
    2. Share your ideas
  1. Define yourself by what you love
    1. Pro stuff not anti stuff.
    2. Express your appreciation
    3. Praise to who you admire
  1. Respect people with less power then you
    1. Judge people about how they treat the less powerful
  1. Do not rush
    1. You need to do what to do with rest of your life
    2. Take time, do not panic

Do not seek meaning…. i am a romantic…. You soon be death

One thing to do with empty existence: 

Fill it

Learn, Be proud, Share, be compassionate, Love, Sex, Art, climb mountains Ect.

Other nice things

 More about Tim

* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tim_Minchin



Be accountable for what you do and watch!

 Part of world history shows patterns. It also directs us to certain approaches to give meaning to life.The most common are the values and basic beliefs.The urge to be a good human being is the obvious direction for all people.‘Everybody is doing the best possible with the means they have. The current behavior is the best possible for the person in the given situation’, is a quote from the world of communication.Directed by the drive to stay positive, ‘knowing’ that judging is mostly not the best settlement for adaptation and learning.In our behavior we find ways to rationalize everything towards to level we can live with it. We want to come across as being accountable for our actions.Subsequently we always […]

Something to think about:
de externe ervaring

Nu over het gehoor: wat en hoe je hoort ofwel herinnert… Wij zijn waarnemers. Onze ZIN-tuigen gebruiken is een kunst op zichzelf. Je weet en merkt, alles verandert. Wij adapteren als een dolle… echter wat nemen we waar en hoe gaan we daarmee om? Significante emotionele ervaringen. S.E.E.’s bepalen veelal: wat je beweegt of je van iets wegloopt (away from) of je naar iets toe loopt (towards) Men wil grip hebben en begrijpen… tenminste dat geldt dan die en gene die even t water te koud weten. Tegelijk ook ervaren en beleven. Is dat het nieuwe of het oude? Hoe selecteren we? Unieke momenten te over…. Als je ze vorm geeft aan waar je aandacht is en wat je ermee […]