move with your senses

As you, my dear reader, are my audience. We both realize that we focus on the message out of what I am writing or better what we read what so ever. As we conditioned ourselves on so called outcomes…that have a spirit …for a day…, we take away the poetry and lock our selves as slaves of a process. The only one who can read and do something with it, is the one who does something to divert what is called depression or cynicism. People who gave away their responsibility are confused big time. In their real stupidity, strolling through the day without any sense of development. Giving away their choice making to economics… say … well marketed companies, politicians and nationalists, […]

Just a few lines along your road

Just a few lines about a roadWe have been teaching for centuries about how to socialize. How to adapt to a society that has the essence of a Zoo. With Zoo keepers. Asif Aldous Huxley was a messenger of the Universe pointing out what the small range of so called freedom would be. Nobody really knows nothing. What is dominating is the repeating of certain lines colored up by other sensory aspects. So far that now only media, movies and games are owners of peoples realities. Everything seems a theater. A Stage, with Shakespeare. Unable to cope, with the words of Pascal, with mortality. I have had a lonely life. But am not alone in that… we did not choose ignorance […]

Please understand that it is not to be understood

As living in Germany. In the smallest of towns in northern Hessen. Every day is a new challenge in adaptation. My connection with people is ok… but the moment they start talking about their believes and rationalized conditioned responses I often loose contactStart observing and am out of the interaction game. The birth of a voyeur without any sexual reference. The preacher from one of the many Christian churches here came to me (what he never has done in the past 7 years) ‘In our church we created places for 24 people from the Ukraine…’Proud as a monkey he was…finally a true Christian…I replied….”very good I have contact with refugees from Syria, Miramar, Yemen and many more… could I send them […]


het leven is eenvoudig simpel schoon in poëzie liefdevol als de bezieling daar isvraagt ietwat focus af en toebenul hoe met een en ander om te gaanals uitkomst geluk beleefbaar ervarendeelbaar maken   

the most important things in life are not things

If you frame me you deny meOr with Kierkegaard (1848)Once you Label Me, You Negate me…Framing and labeling is for Children of a lesser God… As is ordering somebody else what to do…hence my resistance against politicians and newspaper people… There are people who chew on words from others…or their selftalk that  is not serving them but hurting their system. Words are not so much a reflection of reality as an elicitation of a certain part …neglecting the total picture. Dreams and nightmares start more or less with the same process. Just a little selection of words to open consciousness on how to approach perception. Dr. Benjamin Spock…(Baby’s and child care, 1946) ‘You know more than you think’ throws a supposed consciousness in our […]

sensory acuity

Reaching out for the stars.The corner of Johan Wagenenaarlaan and Diepenbrocklaan (Music in the air…)in Leiden. An August evening say 10 o’clock. Years and Years ago… still yesterday…. Marian and me. Classmates and warm friends. Both 13 years old. The grass field about 100 by 100 meters. Next to a school. Near water… boats softly floating on their way to the next costumer.We lying on our backs in the still warm summer grass feeling each and every oddity that was softly supporting our body. Funny enough we both had wisps of grass in our mouth… tasting the grass as a dog eats it when the stomach needs a new balance. The starry night had filled our perception, after a long walk […]

The lightness of being or the existence- weighs…

 The lightness of being or the existence- weighs…So move…. How do we accelerate out of discomfort…into happiness…?In simple German : how do I stay happy and avoid hanging around in unhappiness to longDo not confuse unhappiness with experiencing the intensity of life emotions that really belong to life…. Like sorrow, grief, anger…. But for everything is a certain timeframe and it should not be forever…Personally I detest the ‘be optimistic’ statements …mostly that is lack of empathy and information… and trust me I am as much future and creation driven as can be. About peopleFirst of all… as painful as it may sound. As hard as it is …. to get it into our system. There are people with completely different […]

The only way is the entertaining way…

It must have been 1999, 2001 and  2002 I was with Deepak Chopra… we first met in Scheveningen… after that weeks in Carlsbad California. I did all kind of seminars. Primordial sound meditation, Synchrone Destiny, Remote Viewing (with David Morehouse… psychic Warrior) and much more.I was addicted, up to 2012 I went to seminars by Robert Dilts,  Stephen Gilligan, Byron Katie, Tad James, Paul Mckenna, Tony Robbins, Roger Callahan (tapping),  Richard Bandler….and many other so called self help Guru’s… From LA, Florida, Florence, London to Edinburgh or Amsterdam… next to all universities I visited where knowledge was the primary target… here the adaptation and transformation was more important.From NLP, Design Human Engineering, Thought Field Therapy, Date with Destiny, Master University, […]

recipes for happiness… entertain and serve

start Do never doubt yourself….doubt kills So lovely to take decisions based on the feeling that it is yours….You are in a resourceful state… remembering very pleasant and successful moments in your life… See and experience that as the starting point for good future decision…Mind mapping and having a rational approach as the steady second step… prevents rationalisation in hind side from actions Fear is a happy therapeutic approach to keep people in the act of following… it sets people on to doubt.There are people who like to take advantage of that doubt…. ‘guide’ people into the next trap to reassure their identity and ‘product’. I Mostly the problems come when you have half your life behind you and you realize that there […]

zo is t

Simpel:Er is de externe ervaring ofwel alles wqt er om je heen waar te nemen isJij bent de transformator jij selecteert, kiest en vertaaltEn hebt je interne beleving die echter lijkt dan die van anderenDus doe je er slim aan te weten hoe je doet wat je doetWant je vertaling word je wereld En weet je, het is geen generale repetitie, dit leven van je. Leren, kiezen, herinneren, vertalen, vergeten, waarnemen, technieken, methoden, mind set, intuïtie … al deze woorden… tja.. en nog veel meer… geef er kleur en betekenis aan.  Goed om bezig te zijn met instructies voor kiezen en leven, is wel zo snugger