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start Do never doubt yourself….doubt kills So lovely to take decisions based on the feeling that it is yours….You are in a resourceful state… remembering very pleasant and successful moments in your life… See and experience that as the starting point for good future decision…Mind mapping and having a rational approach as the steady second step… prevents rationalisation in hind side from actions Fear is a happy therapeutic approach to keep people in the act of following… it sets people on to doubt.There are people who like to take advantage of that doubt…. ‘guide’ people into the next trap to reassure their identity and ‘product’. I Mostly the problems come when you have half your life behind you and you realize that there […]

zo is t

Simpel:Er is de externe ervaring ofwel alles wqt er om je heen waar te nemen isJij bent de transformator jij selecteert, kiest en vertaaltEn hebt je interne beleving die echter lijkt dan die van anderenDus doe je er slim aan te weten hoe je doet wat je doetWant je vertaling word je wereld En weet je, het is geen generale repetitie, dit leven van je. Leren, kiezen, herinneren, vertalen, vergeten, waarnemen, technieken, methoden, mind set, intuïtie … al deze woorden… tja.. en nog veel meer… geef er kleur en betekenis aan.  Goed om bezig te zijn met instructies voor kiezen en leven, is wel zo snugger


Nu, ‘k weet ‘t weer            de mens is gewichtig            althans dat is ‘ie            gewichtig, da’s over            zwaarwegende en lichtwegende            zaken gelijkelijk moeilijk doen            altijd, althans meestal altijd            gewicht in de schaal leggen   simpelweg:SyntaxVolgorde van de woorden die je gebruiktSynopsesDe verhaallijn, of wel de inhoud: wat heb je te vertellenScenarioHet Soryboard… de looproute en volgorde van het verhaalHierinDe producer en regisseur komen samen met de acteurSet-upde connectie met het publiek–       momentum–       leverage SuccesDe momenten en elementen die gevierd worden   Enkele testimonialsMen spreekt zo over  Cor van Leeuwen Over Cor:“Het is de levensmix, alles zit erin… humor –heel veel lachen- verhalen, oefeningen, theorie die iedereen begrijpen kan… en onderhoudend, inspirerend. De perfecte reisleider met zo veel kennis en ervaring. Ongekend en bovenal uniek zichzelf en tastbaar […]

just some words

Een schitterend ongeluk We are a byproduct of natureNature is cruel and meaningless Why did I not build up a family Fixated on being the ‘measurer of all things’ instead of living and being astonished by the wonderful  paradox life isOvertaken by so called ability to think And live in own head It took somewhat years to realize that realizing is creatingChildren and family is home based stability if you have a focus Morfische resonantieGelijke problem of vraag dank kun je inzoemenAnders niet    Er zijn boeken. Ok zeker.  Marcellus Emants, een nagelaten bekentenis. Slauerhoff, in memoriam mijzelf, Achterberg….. Er zijn er meer. Celine, natuurlijk Celine. Multatuli, Dekker… altijd eerlijk…Die echt direct persoonlijk zijn en daarmee met je praten als was je de eerste en de laatste.In mij […]

sometimes you forget to remember

The obsession with the ‘now’ from some of the masturbating yoga womenThe new generation ‘fabulous’ directors who we know has to come need some reminiscenceAs we all do, we need some reverieMy daughter talked about Jim Croce I love as you knowwhere he says goodbye to the bourgeoisie nobody know nothing if you lack the ability to create new like mannerism (Bosch). Be a tweaker instead of the inventor…. Please share the warm wonderful emotions with us… The moments you were driving through England… singing in the car on the way to Paris, biking along the seaside Dancing in the simplest of all café’s Take 10 minutes a day to write down, relive, share the lovely moments, that might carry some tragedy in them 

You are alone just like the others

There are things that keep popping up. Fun things mostly. In 1999 I saw the B-52’s live in L.A..It was for me always a in between band. But funny for sure… Own private Idaho.This is a phrase taken directly from the 1980 dance pop song, “Your Own Private Idaho” by the outrageous party band,  the B-52’s. It means “living inside an Idaho potato“, or a very small space. Metaphorically, it refers to someone who is not paying attention because he is daydreaming, or under the influence, or otherwise wrapped up within his own very narrow sphere of interest or frame of reference. Car Driver: Damn! That guy just pulled out in front of me as if I weren’t here! We almost crashed! Passenger: Yeah, he’s just yakking away on his […]

Rapport is all you need

there is a thing that is called `Rapport`… it is the perfect Tango…. the ability to relate to others in a way that creates trust and understanding… and to make sure the others relate in that way to you it is not just a skillset… it is an attitude and above all realisation that ‘communication is the responsibility you get’ Which in it self is a hard nut to crack… who starts first …. both should think and believe that wayspecially for children it is important to learn about Rapport…- as most ‘grown ups’ are addicted to their self system and often stupidity-…the ability to make rapport the most important thing to remember:people who are not in rapport with them selves ………. incongruent […]

Simple difficult

Simply difficultThe fragility of life lies in every child’s eye. The love and softness.Unimaginable they say to imagine what others feel or think…Mean whilst our body reacts physically with the same posture, hormones, neuro transmitters and all other reactions when we compare.History has many completely idiotic examples where people cross the line of what we would call human.L.F. Celine in ‘Mort a Credit’ describes the insanity of the trench warfare…. He could not understand why people would shoot to kill at each other… instead of the mean have: talking…The longer you are in your trench the bigger the possibility of red mist and cognitive dissonance…Now you would say: the trench gives you a perfect moment to think…. Sitting and waiting […]

the book about the prostate is coming

Robert Moore and Douglas Gilette talk about rediscovering the archetypes of the mature MasculineTheir means to that end are the roles ofLoveKingWarriorMagicianIt is the title of their book. It does not surprise us that there is a Jung adapt at work.As much I historically respect Jung, it is hard to take his archetype approach serious.And just here we are at the essence of many problems…’You are like that…’ ‘It is your character and your nature’And more of these beautiful linesMy suggestion is that you read‘The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge’ by Rainer Maria RilkeIt will put Jung where he belongs….Carlos Castaneda had a few lines in his psychedelically book The learning of Don Juan…More open and slightly insane … fun to […]