Not very font of Ethics

 The moral thing is a pain in the ass and misused in many ways.So how to preach without preaching? Stop doing it, would be my suggestionWe could read Seneca’s Letters on EthicsAnd notice how long we are trapped in the real of this framework. It is an old Greek thing… this moral thing and thinking it over…On the other hand Chamfort is clear:“In ethics, as in physics, everything is a mixture, nothing is simple nothing is pure”So it is nice to play with… at a certain level. That requires a bit depth in the discussion and taking time to get into it.We all know that morals are being misused in many ways. It is often an empty finger-pointing mechanism to get people on […]

Lou Salomé

LebensgebetGewiß, so liebt ein Freund den Freund,Wie ich Dich liebe, Rätselleben –Ob ich in Dir gejauchzt, geweint, Ob Du mir Glück, ob Schmerz gegeben. Ich liebe Dich samt Deinem Harme;Und wenn Du mich vernichten mußt,Entreiße ich mich Deinem ArmeWie Freund sich reißt von Freundesbrust. Mit ganzer Kraft umfaß ich Dich!Laß Deine Flammen mich entzünden,Laß noch in Glut des Kampfes michDein Rätsel tiefer nur ergründen. Jahrtausende zu sein! zu denken!Schließ mich in beide Arme ein:Hast Du kein Glück mehr mir zu schenkenWohlan – noch hast Du Deine Pein.  So Lou Andreas Salome. A fascinating woman and life.Comes awarenessso let emotions be in all shape there to share.‘Freundschaft’ Rätsel sind wir allen. Myths and miracles That should be our -and yes mine and yours- approach to life and friendship:the wonderful journey […]

viktor Frankl

 ” Pretend that you are living your live for the second time, so imagine the situation where you are going first”(Victor Frankl)Sometimes you need some inspiration. Frankl in his books gives inspiration. There are moments that you feel you are locked down in a universe that is narrowing you down. That closes down all the possibilities you know you do have. You just have a hunch that there is more… Or, as in the case of Frankl, you find yourself in an insane reality tunnel and are looking for a way out.In our every day life we encounter situations that are complex and against all odds. You and me are raised with certain believes and patterns, we might call them values.Simple mum […]

Urge to share beauty

 That can be a recipeA painting                   A poem                     A suit or dress   An experience in nature                           An achievement in sports                       A lovely song                                                                                              Or of course simple: love There are many more things. so onNot lead […]