one flew over a cuckoo’s nest

1.     We have all over the world an overkill of old people. 

2.     There is no significant number of people dying higher than normal, even less as 2018 with the well-known flew

3.     95 % of the people who died with Corona not only of Corona.

4.     From the people who had (have) Corona 95 % was older than 75 years of age

5.     From the 95 % who had it 5% got seriously ill, from these 5% around 5 % died

6.     From the 5 % remaining most people did not even notice that they were ill.

7.     THE reason for all this neurotic testing and lockdowns is – they say- fear of shortage in hospital beds. That is proclaimed.

8.     8 months’ time to build new hospitals. Almost nothing. So if one thing: the health system failed. Building new facilities cannot be the problem

9.     Innovative thinking also. Create a strong Immune system, go out… eat healthy and move.

10.  Instead people are locked down in their houses, forbidden to meet up

11.  Berlin looks at Den Haag, Den Haag looks at Brussels, Brussels and Paris and so stupidity builds up to laws that have no fundament . We call it politics. 



The basic problem is the dehumanization  from the people in charge. They proclaim that we are interdependent and responsible for the health of other. 

They cannot support it with sufficient sources and research to proclaim that all measurement are justifiable. As good Christian cultivating the feeling of Guild.

They interpret facts as if they were not said.

Reminds me of:


Reagans misquotation of John Adams words: ‘Facts are stupid things’. It was: ‘Facts are stubborn things’


With facts it is was with belief systems. Not easy to change. We now see in many countries, for sure in Holland and Germany:  the complete denial of facts.



For politicians and journalists, pretty much hospitalized, remains the thought:


Where is your desire to be useful and meaningful for others?  What drives you, except so much ego, that we rarely see in a democracy? 



So what is the real reason? 

Today Merkel justifies  a complete lockdown with Xmas. Ruling over other people’s lives.


Merkel: 590 toten gestern, das kann nicht… Lockdown,


for your info and her lies, see the numbers in the picture

Rutte is not very different. As real Jehova’s they belief that they are right. They have committed to money or something else and cannot clean their brains anymore.


 Who is playing with who? Let us try to stop this nonsense from Politicians and journalists.It is well know:  orders are orders. You do what you are told to do. The most stupid line in human history. Research and develop should be the beginning. Is it true? Is it true everywhere? Simple: Falsification, verification, induction and deduction. Just as a start. The best solution is to have a dream that is so tangible that we can touch and feel it.Now they are running away from lies.  We ask that you know what you are talking about. That you really have the strength to confront people who differ in opinion.  The struggle between the individual and group, social psychology in bigger picture, represented by:Salomon Ash, Buber, Stanley Milgram, Fromm, Adorno, Frankl […]


in deze wereld waar miljarden mensen hopen op redding, heb ik de overtuiging dat ze beter kunnen gaan lezen of in ergste geval zelf iets schrijvenof zo ik hier doe, anderen attent maken op autoren die wellicht ietwat in de vergetelheid geraakt zijn.Het brengt niks om de gehele dag kompleet in pijn en teleurstelling te leven omdat je familie of landsleuten je geestelijk proberen af te slachtenwe zeggen maar zo, die niet in staat zijn tot een goed gesprek. Die niet pogen op schrift nader te komen (pracht titel NADER TOT U . Gerard Reve.. over ezelsgesproken) om dan weer saam te zijn (pracht dichtbundel van Slauerhoff : Verwonderd saam te zijn) Wat kan we over zulk een volk denken, alle […]

you do want to be a idiot , so use your brains for a changes

It is time to wake upSmart people do not go into politics. But sometimes they drive you into it. Although there is a paradox.Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli was the smarter one, in all his irony. A few things:Politicians have the tendency to make themselves important.I take the disease serious like other diseases.There is no pandemic.People are measuring RNA on a scale as never beforeSo far ‘only’ 16.000 people in Holland 10.000. 90 % over 65 years of age.Compared with normal flew or other diseases reasonable, when we take into account that elderly people have the tendency to die at a certain moment. With covid perhaps. Not nice, but reality. Also young people die of cancer or heart failure.In Holland and […]

Death and Decorum

In this corona crises it seems to be the fear of getting ill, or even dying the issue that the governments are using to limit our freedom of movement and choose.I am not the guy that says: everyone is smart enough to take their own decisions. But on the other had they were able to elect the parliament as it is.  So the government is always talking about your lack of awareness on how others could suffer and die; mean whilst you have the ability to choose them.As if Empathy is such a big given in this world. Lots to learn there. Having an attitude that is a classical thing. The fact that you are a character does not mean you […]

you have to be 70 of course

Chaplin is exception in each and every way. He is entitled to say anything he wants. The speech is a warm one. Partly a speech that only could be made by a man from 70, with the best of his life behind him.On the other hand, it is the man behind great achievements, many line can integrate peace in your soul.We both know that there are always situation and people that will scare the shit out off you. We also know that most people want to do good.Be YOU *AS I BEGAN TO LOVE MYSELF* ~ Charlie Chaplin’s speech on his 70th Birthday~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~As I began to love myself I found that anguish and emotional suffering are only warning signs that I […]


einfach rilke 1899  Ich fürchte mich so vor der Menschen Wort. Sie sprechen alles so deutlich aus. Und dieses heißt Hund und jenes heißt Haus, und hier ist der Beginn und das Ende ist dort.    Mich bangt auch ihr Sinn, ihr Spiel mit dem Spott, sie wissen alles, was wird und war; kein Berg ist ihnen mehr wunderbar; ihr Garten und Gut grenzt grade an Gott.    Ich will immer warnen und wehren: Bleibt fern. Die Dinge singen hör ich so gern. Ihr rührt sie an: sie sind starr und stumm. Ihr bringt mir alle die Dinge um 

a letter for you

A book may never be used as a pulpit for your own parish. You may touch and move everyone, even without knowing. Words dance in heads in moments of your time. Not the writer determines the outcome and how things are perceived… the moment of the reader. Is not it wonderful. If you have the feeling that you do not have enough potential and quality yourself, -which is madness-, let others know what touched your soul. Books, movies, videos, songs. Some items refer to a certain time frame, other we like for ever.In a letter you describe the softness that we share and have. So let me share a few with you.In a letter to Princess Mathilde, Flaubert says: “That equating […]

Een vriend heb je nodig

Een vriend van me…Tenminste dat was m’n openingszin. Ik hield stil. En bemerkte vrij rap dat het concept vriend wel ietwat aan erosie onderhevig is.Je moet wel bruikbaar zijn anders ben je een soort van nobody waar we nu even geen tijd voor hebben. De bekende Nederlanders, trainers en andere dagvoorzitter Guru’s moeten hout gaan sprokkelen en dan toch nog origineel en integer blijven.Juist nu we eerlijkheid, kennis en persoonlijkheid nodig hebben. Juist zouden we die nu dienen te horen. Dat gebeurt vaker ook wel.Internet als de Moderne Speakers Corner in toentertijd Hyde Park.  Op You tube hebben ze een eigen kanaal.Niet als ze te veel een mening hebben die tegen de hoofdlijn (WHO, OMT, Regering, You tube enz).Ondersteunend, -zou […]

the new moon

So take a moment to reassess your path, thinking, doing. The brain-death following the new turbulence, schools, science without question it in such a way a could be one matrix. One reality amongst many, matrix like. Mathematics is one way of defining the universe.As I was 18 I stood up against the dangers of marketing. How stupid I could be.All is marketing and it is funny. Do not mirror yourself to the world of people, – what does NOT say you cannot take them serious as human-. The moment they adapt to a role and create an identity around it, they are lost. Just back up a like and walk on.There is a change going on. Humanity and the order are […]

Fuck All the Perfect People

A wicked world or wicked people…We, as a human race have been bothered with the fact that we are full of Sinn. Adam and Eva take the blame for that… That if we take the Western Christian History as starting point.My issue is:One way or the other al throughout history there is a small group of people, even individuals, who try to tell others how to live and that the way they were living now does not match the possibilities.Monotheism created the distance between you and the world. We might say that’s is where observation in stead of connecting started.Of course it really started with the Greek-Christian values and the bible, The Stoa started with  Zenon von Kition but were […]