there is something funny in what we know and might know or do not want to knowas the current youth might end up to be say 110 average it might be time to reconsider the element of aging and how we spend our life. What is life in relation to aging? The picture of Dorian Gray is an aesthetic approach.Me as being a hypnotherapist am always fascinated by what we hold for reality or what for trance. So much is sure. Plato says we hallucinate. let start with a small introduction. One of many. I will continue about this fine subjectWiki Aging or ageing is the process of becoming older. In humans, aging represents the accumulation of changes in a human being over […]


WohlverhaltenspflichtIs such a lovely word in GermanIt is a sort of code of conduct mandatory. A silly reflection of abstract values. Hilarious in every expect is the human being that takes himself serious and tries to turn a thought into a system by which others should live and obey.This wohlverhalten-thing is mostly and specially focused on families and children (whom are the outcome of an affair or love relationship).It is such a contemporary nonsense word. Every now and then I go to a courtroom just to look at how ‘behavior, law and reality’ dance.It is human stupidity in full life theater. Take your school class there and they will learn a lot. Ask if you can tape and analyse it.This time […]

Soften more in new nows

the only thing that keeps us going arethe inner processesour own hallucinations  Assumptionspresuppositions if the most basic connection failsis killed more or lessand the distance creates other observations-as a scientist or a surgeon-objectifying in order to cultivate a skill  it might be seen as  learningthe outcomeunfortunately  there is no learningonly repetition hence the inner process suggests that there is a groundto be therefor we need to identify growth that starts with aesthetics  

a brief announcement of an upcoming seminar on hypnoses and trance

One cannot get that deep into a trance that you wake up to life… you might mistakenly perceiveOk lets put it like this: deconditioning, dehypnotizing so you start designing.. might be an outcome and skillwe knowIf you take it, anything, serious you are lost. Lost in the wilderness of ethics. The fast moving but small universe of human opinions. Hence you could live the unique beauty of any moment,  -the silent unfolding of any life form, or so we might observe artform- that brings a tingling … a shiver that we just can multiply but not catch. andWe know that it certainly does not say anything about the possible disgusting stupidity of mankind to ruin any living creature or moment. To be involved with […]

even wat anders

Wat de pen opgeschreven heeft12 januari 2018 Alles lijkt perceptieWeg dan banend naar de bindingDie los vastSteeds van beeldLijkt te wijzigenOnderwijlOngrijpbaarIsTroostrijk is ‘tErgensHet verlangen naar wat is Overal geluidenStofzuigers, piepende banden van de vloer poetsmachineVerlicht de ruimte isHelHelder men moeten weten waar naar toeZeg maarEr is een redeReden voor alles Hoe lang te slapen voor even danImmer niets fraaier dan het lome geslenter Concept conceptJe moet ’t ophangenKunnenAan een thema’t gaat altijd ergens heen immersEven er buiten kun je altijd beter binnen dringen ’ t gaat altijd ergens heen immersEven er buitenKun je altijd beter binnen dringen Ongemerkt deelgenootZijnGelijk een stervende die niets meer           alles is optischwaar lijktte        nemen dan kun we nu boekje open doenover de sensesde zintuigen wat meer dan beleving De ZachtheidHuldigtCharlie leert […]

We shape our future in the decisions we make

Some people would even call it destiny… that we shape. a Lot can be changed again. With warmth and willingness.If we talk about the interaction with others, just remember these lines.Take some time to think them over. It will free yourself of slavery of being negativity toward others and yourself.  DecisionsAll that bring success carry simple truths: the search for the best possible methods. Using your full potential beyond what you believed possible. Being positive and non-judgemental towards others. searching for love and harmony and knowing you are the change. Just a few lines to think about Respect for the other person’s model of the world.In order to communicate properly it is important that you have an understanding for the other person’s model of […]

Good Friday

it remains quitewhat you say is a small fraction of what you could utteron a small scale, in our micro world of relationship and ways of life, most of us tempt to choose for silence when it comes to taking a standthat is not much different on a macro levelit is world wide issuethe simplest of solutions is always: just say noor in other words: “Kill the dragon when it is small”there is of course the hit pointCan we influence? Should we? When can or must we interfere?Can we recognize the ‘dragon’ . is the most hindsight excuse.How often do we slip slide away in a new reality that is moving us in a direction where we did not pay […]

Sick man Fraud…(Sigmund Freud)

so… Sigmund Freud Says….; Einstein says…; Tesla…. On and On… there are people who quote and are ‘quoted’…Quoting might give the impression that you know the source… even  be …..scientific…. that you might have read all the work of a certain person…It might also free yourself of further reseach as the responsibility lies with somebody else.Quoting might be eloquent in giving the credentials to whom they belong.Extented Quoting is a way to divert and use somebody else to say what you would like to say…WHYYYYYYYYYY?What it is in people’s head that they feel like quoting…That they write things down and make it as it was from a certain person.. without knowing where it is from exactly….  One might assume that the quoter […]

method acting?

There events in the world that might change or influence our perception and even our behaviour.We know a movie is a movie. A song is a song. Tv is Tv and so on. What is reality? Always a nice question.I tempt to believe that movies, books, songs and art really influence peoples everyday’s believes and actions more than all politics and much other stuff. The entertainment value is an important asset there. Will talk about that later in different writings. The circus around the elections in the USA does not differ very much of other countries it is just -like everything in the USA- bigger in its insanity. Insanity starts where one person believes he or she can rule a country. I […]

Alles is opgezet

 Over NaturalisIk loop uit onderwijs gebouw 3 LUMC Leiden, het onder-wijs gebouw waar ik een training gaf.2 kleine meisjes met stapels dieren in vele varianten in den handen. Ervoor, ietwat gebogen als Awater zelf… de opa.“Dagje Naturalis ervaren?” vraag ik monter.De meisjes roepen beide “Jaaaaahhhhhh”.De Opa: “Zolang het nog kan, voordat het wordt wegbezuinigd. In de politiek zitten geen mensen met visie op cultuur en alle jeugd haakt af.”Een van de meisje wil iets tegen hem zeggen. “Nu niet, ik ben in gesprek met deze meneer”.Hij reutelt wat door. Welbespraakt en aandachtig, als zou ik er iets mee weten te doen.Hij vraagt letterlijk: “Waar moet het heen, wat is de oplossing?”De meisjes kijken mij vertwijfeld aan. Wij met ons 3 […]