Er is geen veleEr is geen wereldEr is geen veld Schoenen, kleine schoenenOp straatEr is geen veld            Stilte Gevels staan en schouwen steunen De hallucinatieEnig-woorden-lijst, die we delenWordt dan in ene wereld voor de anderNiemandalletjes vervoegen zichLeven steeds de zachte ontroeringVan overgave zonder blikDat we ons bekeken denkenBuitendien het troost vinden inKikker boekenTroost bieden gezelschapAls in echt ontMoeten De dood loopt in en uit voorbij en roept aanDat je t maar ziethoort zegt ie, t is alles levende overgave aan de betekenisloosheidomgeven soms door dwangmatigheidom spel te makenje zou de tonen-hoogte willenvoelendeelbaar latenzijn troost in eenvoudaltijd licht verontwaardigd zijnleer opnieuw aangedaan altijd aangedaanin onschuldwat nieuw  is, zo elk momentdraagt mee grootdat klein gemaakt betersmaaktdus moeten stemmen sprekenmensende plek zelfhet café dangesprekken t is verduisteringluiken dicht en […]

ignorance is deadly

I know i should behave myselfBe a nice guyNot always the wise guyShow understandingEven appreciation might fall in to my vocabulary Even when it is so obvious that somebody is acting like an idiotOr as they usually say: I am just following rules,The law more or less But I just cannot get it doneAt certain momentsI explode at the stupidity of ignoranceA few examples I live 5 years now in this small villageAbandoned and forgotten from the rest of the worldIn the middle of what some belief is their universeOne with boundaries and little development All hell broke loose and the last bits of an aesthetic life was ruined by‘The ‘Virus’ not for all but for many What the hell am I doing thereYou might […]

March 2020 the month we lost individuality

  There was rage and anger in me. It does not go that easily  because I keep on surprising myself about the stupidity of not having an decent research and letting pretty uneducated civil servants and ‘job’ focused politicians be in control. I believe that this March month is the month that will go into history as the one that publicly thoughts, contemplations about what and how in this life… dreams and deeds … art or poetry…. Science or esoteric… were blown back to a gloomy kind of survival-life. As a dis-ease got all the attention and broke down any other scope then this virus. The artistic-, the scientific- and intelligent ego have died here and now… the ego that manifested itself in […]

What causes Corona?

What causes Corona?  As a life coach and chef in a restaurant, you are always looking for compelling realities that make our senses tingle and make life worth living. When it functions you make a recipe so it is to be repeated.  When I was 8 years old as a child I had the feeling: all people would know what life is about – they act and talk so professional- only me … I do not know what it is all about… What impressed me was nature, art and real ‘inventors’ scientist with a heart for passion. I started reading, writing, researching intensifying the relationship with life, nature and people. Life is a mystery with lots of storytelling. Now a lot of people seem to be […]


 there is something funny in what we know and might know or do not want to knowas the current youth might end up to be say 110 average it might be time to reconsider the element of aging and how we spend our life. What is life in relation to aging? The picture of Dorian Gray is an aesthetic approach.Me as being a hypnotherapist am always fascinated by what we hold for reality or what for trance. So much is sure. Plato says we hallucinate. let start with a small introduction. One of many. I will continue about this fine subjectWiki Aging or ageing is the process of becoming older. In humans, aging represents the accumulation of changes in a human being over […]


WohlverhaltenspflichtIs such a lovely word in GermanIt is a sort of code of conduct mandatory. A silly reflection of abstract values. Hilarious in every expect is the human being that takes himself serious and tries to turn a thought into a system by which others should live and obey.This wohlverhalten-thing is mostly and specially focused on families and children (whom are the outcome of an affair or love relationship).It is such a contemporary nonsense word. Every now and then I go to a courtroom just to look at how ‘behavior, law and reality’ dance.It is human stupidity in full life theater. Take your school class there and they will learn a lot. Ask if you can tape and analyse it.This time […]

Soften more in new nows

the only thing that keeps us going arethe inner processesour own hallucinations  Assumptionspresuppositions if the most basic connection failsis killed more or lessand the distance creates other observations-as a scientist or a surgeon-objectifying in order to cultivate a skill  it might be seen as  learningthe outcomeunfortunately  there is no learningonly repetition hence the inner process suggests that there is a groundto be therefor we need to identify growth that starts with aesthetics  

a brief announcement of an upcoming seminar on hypnoses and trance

One cannot get that deep into a trance that you wake up to life… you might mistakenly perceiveOk lets put it like this: deconditioning, dehypnotizing so you start designing.. might be an outcome and skillwe knowIf you take it, anything, serious you are lost. Lost in the wilderness of ethics. The fast moving but small universe of human opinions. Hence you could live the unique beauty of any moment,  -the silent unfolding of any life form, or so we might observe artform- that brings a tingling … a shiver that we just can multiply but not catch. andWe know that it certainly does not say anything about the possible disgusting stupidity of mankind to ruin any living creature or moment. To be involved with […]

even wat anders

Wat de pen opgeschreven heeft12 januari 2018 Alles lijkt perceptieWeg dan banend naar de bindingDie los vastSteeds van beeldLijkt te wijzigenOnderwijlOngrijpbaarIsTroostrijk is ‘tErgensHet verlangen naar wat is Overal geluidenStofzuigers, piepende banden van de vloer poetsmachineVerlicht de ruimte isHelHelder men moeten weten waar naar toeZeg maarEr is een redeReden voor alles Hoe lang te slapen voor even danImmer niets fraaier dan het lome geslenter Concept conceptJe moet ’t ophangenKunnenAan een thema’t gaat altijd ergens heen immersEven er buiten kun je altijd beter binnen dringen ’ t gaat altijd ergens heen immersEven er buitenKun je altijd beter binnen dringen Ongemerkt deelgenootZijnGelijk een stervende die niets meer           alles is optischwaar lijktte        nemen dan kun we nu boekje open doenover de sensesde zintuigen wat meer dan beleving De ZachtheidHuldigtCharlie leert […]

We shape our future in the decisions we make

Some people would even call it destiny… that we shape. a Lot can be changed again. With warmth and willingness.If we talk about the interaction with others, just remember these lines.Take some time to think them over. It will free yourself of slavery of being negativity toward others and yourself.  DecisionsAll that bring success carry simple truths: the search for the best possible methods. Using your full potential beyond what you believed possible. Being positive and non-judgemental towards others. searching for love and harmony and knowing you are the change. Just a few lines to think about Respect for the other person’s model of the world.In order to communicate properly it is important that you have an understanding for the other person’s model of […]